Agility Ring Obstacle Specifications

The following are the specifications for feline agility obstacle equipment. Please email CFA for our equipment and enclosure vendor list.

Each hurdle should be two feet wide
Bars (distance to the top of the highest bar)
First hurdle:
1 bar: 4 inches
Second hurdle:
2 bars: 6 inches
Third hurdle:
3 bars: 10 inches
Fourth hurdle:
4 bars: 14 inches

Six inches from the floor to the bottom:

Hoop: Two feet from the floor to the top of the hoop

Diameter : 1'6"

Weave Poles
Three or four that are 1-1/2' apart.

The poles can be any height.

1. All steps are measured from the floor.
2. Floor to the first step, 10"
3. Second step, 19"
4. Third step 28"
5. Across the top 22"
6. Stairs should be in two parts so that a cat walk can be inserted for advanced competitors.